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  • keyword VW HANA V2 mod

  • Material 304 Stainless Steel

  • size 73*22mm

  • Battery Power 18650 - 2400mAh LiPo battery

  • Variable Watts 7W - 20W

  • ON/OFF function 5 quick click on/off

  • Thread 510

  • Warranty 6 months

  • Payment Paypal; T/T; WU

  • Shipping DHL. UPS, TNT, EMS, HO POST

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 set


VW HANA V2 mod E vape
Variable Watts 7-20W
volts and ohms display
check atomizer resistance


VW HANA V2 mod E vape

HANA V2 DNA20 Mod Specification:

Product Name

Hana Mod DNA20




304 Stainless Steel

Battery Power

18650 - 2400mAh LiPo battery

Variable Watts

7W - 20W



ON/OFF function

5 quick click on/off

Working voltage

4 - 8.3 volts

compatible atomizer

All 510 thread Atomizer/Clearomizer

HANA Mod DNA20 Starter Kit include:

Hana mod(dana 20)

1 pc

Mini USB cable

1 pc

User manual

1 pc


Leather Bag(Black)

Production information

2400mah Lithium Polymer battery pack included

Warning: Charge port must be free of any liquid or debris before plugging in the micro USB charge cord. Serious damage can occur if charge area is not free of debris

Normal Operation Watt Setting: The power level currently set on the DNA 20

Battery indicator: The current state of charge of the battery

Volts display: The current or most recent output voltage being supplied to the atomizer

Ohms display: The resistance of the atomizer attached to the device. This is measured only when the unit is supplying power to the atomizer. At other times, it shows the most recent measurement

Other modes:

locked mode: Pressing the fire button five times with less than .7 seconds between presses will cause the device to enter “Locked mode”. In Locked mode, the device will not fire and the output power will not adjust accidentally. While in Locked mode, the screen will be off, except that pressing a button will show “Locked, click 5X”. To exit Locked mode, press the fire button 5 times

Stealth mode: While locked, pressing the fire and down buttons simultaneously for five seconds will switch to stealth mode. In this mode the display is off. It will still show error messages and the “Locked, Click 5X” advisory. To switch back to normal display mode, from locked mode hold down the fire and down buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. This setting is stored to internal flash memory, and remains if power is removed

Right Mode and Left Mode: While locked, holding the fire and up buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds flips the display. This setting is stored to internal flash memory, and remains if power is removed

Error Messages: The DNA 20 will indicate a variety of error states

Check Atomizer: The DNA does not detect an atomizer, or the atomizer has shorted out

Shorted: The atomizer or wiring are short circuited

Check Battery: The battery is below 3.1 volts. It probably needs to be charged

Weak Battery: The battery sags excessively when firing. This typically means the user is not using a high rate battery, or the battery is old and degraded. It can also mean the battery is not making good contact

Too Hot: The DNA 20D has onboard temperature sensing. It will shut down and display this message if the internal board temperature becomes excessive

Too low power setting: The DNA 20D puts out a minimum of 4 volts. With low power settings (7 to 8 watts) and low resistance atomizers (below 2 ohms) the DNA will sometimes be unable to provide a low enough power output to be power regulating. If this is the case, the Ohms display will be flashing. The device will still operate.

Auto power down: The screen will be at full brightness while firing. After 15 seconds with no button presses, the screen will dim. 4 minutes after the last button press, the screen will fade out and the device will go to sleep mode. Pressing any button will turn the device and display back on.